Our programs

Music Gallery

A musical program with a presenter. It includes new released music videos. A host of the program describes the theme or concept of those music videos and after that music videos are on play. Whole program contains five music videos with one commercial break. The length of this program is about 30 minutes. This is an in-house program of ATN Music TV. It reserved all of its copy right. This program is produced by Jolly Prodhan.

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A live musical program of ATN Music TV. Where famous & promising singers are invited. An anchor hosts this program and creates a dwelling place of gossiping and singing. Singers are friendly to sing songs and share interesting topics about their life. They sing songs on live which are absolutely raw. They use some instruments if they like to play or may have help from one or two musicians as their own choice. This is one hour in house program with two commercial breaks. This program is arranged by the ATN Music TV. 

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Adda Gane Campus

To give priority and inspire the upcoming singers Adda Gane Campus is an exceptional program where students of college and university can participate. An individual institution is selected for the program. The team of Adda gane Campus visits that campus and arranges an environment of singing. The selected students have an opportunity to sing and share their goal of life. Through this program this underprivileged singers can show their talent. Along with this we cover an interview of the head of that institution. This is an in house program of about 45 minute produced by Jolly Prodhan. 

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