Our programs

Gaan Bazar

Gaan bazaar is an enunciating program of releasing both audio and video music CDs with the comments of its author. Behind the story of making a video song or working process of composing a song is focusing here. Not only the singer but the composer, lyricist, musician, artist all are focused here for their involvement on making a single song. This is a program where the whole working process from recording to album launching is described. This is our in-house production of about 30 minutes produced by Jolly prodhan.

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Ami o amar gaan

A biographical program where we focuses legendary artist of music industry. They talk about their personal and musical life. They share their valuable advice about music for new generation. They also share their experience how they pass through a long musical journey. They sing songs throughout the show and inspire the upcoming singers to hold music to feel music by their heart not only for profession. This is an in house production of ATN Music TV. This is produced by Jolly Prodhan and the length of this program is about 30 minute.

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Flashback sounds like old memories. This program is designed with old movie songs which reflect our golden Bengali films. This program contains five movie songs of both black and white and colorful. This is about 30 minute’s length with a single commercial break.

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